Vantage Markets Affiliate Program

Vantage Markets Affiliate Program



5/6/20234 min read

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If you are looking for a way to earn money online by promoting a reputable and regulated multi-asset broker, you might want to consider the Vantage Markets Affiliate Program. Vantage Markets is a global CFD broker that offers clients access to over 1000 tradable instruments, including forex, indices, commodities, ETFs and stocks. Vantage Markets also has a strong focus on offering competitive and constructive partnership programs for various types of affiliates and introducing brokers.

In this review, I will cover what Vantage Markets offers to its partners, the different types of partner programs available, the restricted countries, the conditions and payout requirements, and the benefits and drawbacks of joining the Vantage Markets Affiliate Program.

What Does Vantage Markets Offer to Its Partners?

Vantage Markets offers its partners a highly competitive commission and payout structure, a transparent performance tracking and reporting system, a wide range of localized marketing materials, a dedicated affiliate manager, a loyalty and promotional program, and access to PAMM/MAM solutions for fund managers.

The commission and payout structure varies depending on the type of partner program you choose, but it can go up to $800 per qualified client referral or $8 per lot traded by your referred clients. There are no setup fees or caps on commissions, and you can withdraw your earnings easily and reliably.

The performance tracking and reporting system is powered by CellXpert, a leading affiliate management platform that provides full transparency and real-time data on your referrals, conversions, commissions, and payments. You can also access your personalized dashboard to monitor your performance and optimize your campaigns.

The localized marketing materials include image banners, responsive landing pages, educational trading materials, and more. These are designed to help you attract and convert your target audience in different regions and languages. You can also request customized materials from your affiliate manager if needed.

The dedicated affiliate manager is there to provide you with personalized service and support throughout your partnership with Vantage Markets. You can contact them anytime via email, phone, or live chat for any questions or issues you may have. They can also help you with setting up your account, choosing the best partner program for your needs, providing you with marketing tips and insights, and more.

The loyalty and promotional program is an upcoming feature that will offer greater value to all partners in the affiliate program. By joining Vantage Markets today, you will be eligible for exclusive rewards and incentives that will boost your earnings and retention.

The PAMM/MAM solutions are ideal for fund managers who want to manage multiple traders' funds from a single trading account. Vantage Markets offers unlimited trading accounts and deposits, support for automated strategies, and various options for MAM (Multi-Account Manager), PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module), Social Trading, and Copy Trading.

What Are the Different Types of Partner Programs Available?

Vantage Markets offers three main types of partner programs: CPA Affiliates, Introducing Brokers (IBs), and Hybrid Partners. Each one has its own features and advantages depending on your goals and preferences.

CPA Affiliates

The CPA Affiliate Program is designed for those with a strong online presence, such as website owners, social media influencers, affiliate marketers, SEO professionals and trading educators. As a CPA Affiliate, you will earn a fixed commission for every qualified client you refer to Vantage Markets. A qualified client is one who makes a minimum deposit of $500 and trades at least 2 lots of FX, OIL, GOLD, BTCUSD or ETHUSD.

The commission amount depends on the country tier of the client you refer. There are three country tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. The CPA commissions range from $100 to $800 per client referral, depending on the country tier and the number of monthly qualified accounts. You can also earn monthly bonuses of up to $10,000 if you refer more than 30 qualified clients in a calendar month.

As a CPA Affiliate, you will have access to the CellXpert Platform, which is a powerful and user-friendly tool for tracking your performance and commissions. You will also have access to high conversion marketing materials in various languages, such as image banners, landing pages and educational trading materials. You will also enjoy fast and easy CPA withdrawals via bank wire transfer or e-wallets.

Introducing Brokers (IBs)

The Introducing Broker (IB) Program is designed for those with a strong trader audience, such as fund managers, signal providers, EA providers and multi-account managers. As an IB, you will earn a volume-based rebate for every client you refer to Vantage Markets when they trade. The rebate amount depends on the instrument type and the number of lots traded by your clients.

Forex | Up to $8
Indices | Up to $8
Commodities | Up to $8
Stocks | Up to $0.4
Cryptocurrencies | Up to $8

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As an IB, you will have access to a personalised dashboard where you can monitor your clients' activity and earnings in real time. You will also have access to multilingual sales support in 15+ languages and personalised service from a dedicated IB Manager. You will also enjoy fast and reliable payments via bank wire transfer or e-wallets.

Hybrid Partners

The Hybrid Program is designed for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds: CPA commissions and volume-based rebates. As a Hybrid Partner, you can choose the earning model that best suits your needs, whether it's tailored more towards the CPA structure or the IB format. You can also negotiate your own terms and conditions with your Hybrid Manager.

As a Hybrid Partner, you will have access to all the benefits of both CPA Affiliates and IBs, such as the CellXpert Platform, high conversion marketing materials, multilingual sales support and fast and easy payments.

Restricted Countries.
Vantage Markets is unable to accept clients from certain countries due to regulatory or legal restrictions. Some of these countries include:

- Afghanistan
- American Samoa
- Albania
- Belarus
- Bermuda
- Bosnia And Herzegovina
- Burundi
- Canada
- Central African Republic
- China
- Crimea
- Cuba
- Democratic Republic of the Congo
- Eritrea
- Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
- Guam ... see more countries here